ATTIC DC Furniture


We want to make filling your home with creative, unique, and beautiful furniture easier. We also want to support great local businesses.

The following information is from our ATTIC Furniture site. We'll update the ATTIC Flea content after it comes out of beta.

The newest furniture and home furnishing products from 35+ stores in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Note that you cannot purchase items directly on ATTIC. Get in touch with the individual shops and dealers to do that.


We're furniture junkies.

Time flies in this busy city, the stores are spread all over the place and we always fear missing the perfect piece! We needed something easier — we needed the stores to come to us, or at least part way.

Better quality, better variety

We'll bet you your next JÄNKI dresser that you won't find furniture crafted this solid, looking this cool, at these prices anywhere else.

We're trying to give the small shops a chance to charm you too.

It's easy to browse and shop at the big-box stores. They've got lots of marketing $$$ and have adapted well to the web-first economy. Let's level the playing field.

Did we mention local, small businesses yet?

Seriously, do you want your community to be unique and full of great "mom 'n pop" shops, or do you want to see the same five stores in every city, on very corner from coast to coast? We'd personally like to see a nice balanced mix.


No new wood harvesting. No transatlantic shipping. It's green.


Inventory is updated hourly and as often as the stores list "fresh merch" with only minimal delay. Note that most pieces are rare. If you see something you like, contact the store as soon as possible.


Nearly all of the stores on ATTIC are in the Washington metro area, usually accessible by public transport or within an hour's drive. We've also added a few stores closer to Baltimore that we really like. There are stores from NW and NE, 14th and U Streets, Petworth, Takoma, Shaw and other neighborhoods. Plus we've got stores from Virginia — Old Town to Reston — as well Maryland — from Bethesda to Catonsville.


The best way to see the newest stuff before it's gone, is to visit the site daily. ATTIC is desktop and mobile friendly. Plus we make it easy to share the things you like with your partners, roommates etc. Quickly email, tweet, or share items on Facebook. All that's left is a trip to your friendly neighborhood shop.

If you prefer, you can also subscribe to our email list, follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

And if you mean, "how did we do it?", well...Many late nights of coding and visits to stores around town. For what it's worth, we snagged a few nice pieces along the way!


Two DC developers, several enthusiastic local stores, and you.

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